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Combine 2 images when retouching a picture in Jewelpic

Jewelpic, the tool that allow online picture retouch, also offers the possibility of combining 2 or more different photos in a new background, playing this way with scenarios or situations in this photo edit´s process.

To take advantage of this free picture retouch tool, we should have a “transparent” image. This means having an image without a background, allowing us later to mix it easily when making a digital photo retouch. If you do not have a picture like this, Jewelpic has a tool that will allow you to do this: the pierce. By using this option, we will be able to remove all the things we don´t need to edit the photo.

Following this photo edit process, we must first load the first picture we want to combine to the application to do the free picture retouch. Once we have loaded, we can add another picture by clicking on the button located on the right hand side of the image.

Last, but not least, we have available Jewelpic ´s gallery effects and tools to improve the photo retouch. As we can see, the online picture retouch was never as easy as using Jewelpic. Just a few clicks, a bit of fun and we can enjoy of online picture retouch which will undoubtedly make us a professional in the eyes of the others.

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