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Change the background of a picture in Jewelpic

Jewelpic is a great application that able you to edit pictures for free on the net. Thanks to its many tools we can spend hours of fun trying on our favorite pictures. One special option it offers is the possibility of changing the background of a picture.

Combining some tools we will be able to retouch our pictures for free and to change the background. The wide gallery this application has along with its multiple uses guaranteed hours of entertainment.

To change the background of a picture, the first thing we need to do is to go to image editing area, and load the picture. To remove the background and leave only the figure we are interested in, we will use the tools “Pierce” and “Delete.”

Slowly and patiently we will mark the lines where we will pierce the picture. Once we erase the extra parts we will have behind the picture a gray background. Like other applications to edit pictures, in Jewelpic this means that this part of the image is transparent.

After doing this, we will use the effects gallery, and from the right panel we will access “Backgrounds.” There, we can select the background we want to use. We will see that as soon as we select it, the same will be placed on the image we had before. To put it back, select from the left menu button “Take Down” and then click on the background.

Once we have it placed, we can use this application to edit pictures for free as usual. We will be able to move figure and background, as well as keeping adding effects from the wide gallery Jewelpic offers.

Cuando terminemos podremos compartir la foto desde nuestro menú de cuenta en alguna de las múltiples redes sociales con las que Jewelpic se encuentra vinculada, o bien, solo enviárnosla por SMS. La cuestión siempre es pasar horas divertidas al editar fotos gratis online con Jewelpic.

When we finish, we can share the picture from our account menu in any social network linked to Jewelpic, or just send it by SMS. The most important is that we can always spend hours of fun editing online pictures for free with Jewelpic.

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